What is All the Fuss About NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)? Is it Worth Taking a Training Course?

Our senses provide us with about 2 Millions bits of information per second every second of our lives. In order to cope, our minds filter this information to a level that we can cope with (roughly 7 bits of information +/- 2).

So the mind does a lot behind the scenes and it may not always be clear why we act or feel the way we do. We can end up with unwanted negative emotions or unwanted behaviors which can adversely affect us and those around us.

We may not know why others such as family, loved ones, colleagues or even strangers sometimes act negatively around us.

Now, wouldn’t it be good to be in control of your life, relationships, work environment, aspirations and success?”

Whilst NLP is sometimes touted as the “Cure All” holy grail by many practitioners it is useful to understand that many of the techniques are naturally occurring phenomena. The techniques have been formalized into a structured program to assist in teaching and learning.

Many NLP training courses run over a 7 day period from a Saturday to the next Friday. A few organisations offer training over a series of weekends.

An NLP Practitioner training course will definitely empower you to take control of your life and to understand the reasons for not having everything that you desire – the way some people have, such as a successful relationship, the job that you always wanted, or money.

Once you understand and change the things that are holding you back you will be free to achieve your true desires. This is achieved by setting personal and business goals in a way that both the unconscious and conscious parts of the mind work together to achieve the same outcome.

In fact one of the most common reasons that goals are not achieved by people is that goals are stated in a negative or counter-productive way, for example: “I don’t want to be fat” or “I want to be richer”.

In the first example the unconscious part of the mind, the part that stores memories cannot process a negative so it deletes the word “don’t” and the goal it takes on board is “I want to be fat”, and that’s the future memory that’s stored away as a template for your future physique!

In the second example “I want to be richer”, this is a non-specific goal so as soon as you find a coin on the street you are now richer! So in this case the unconscious mind gives itself a pat on the back and says “yay – we are now richer – goal achieved – success” (or something similar!).

Now you may ask, is it possible to achieve so much in so little time? Well here are a few quotes from graduates of NLP Practitioner courses:

“Thank you for a wonderful course and for making it so much fun. Your teaching made everything easy to understand and as well as learning about others, I have learned so much about myself – Larraine “

“All I can say is who’s the man! May all your blessings flow through – you have been absolutely amazing and I have learned so much. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart. -Jor’el”

“Sending you a big thank you for a fantastic course… for being so passionate about NLP and for making it so much fun, interesting and beautifully taught. Every minute was an inspiration. For every “Aha” moment, insight and amazing shift in consciousness, I am truly grateful. You are an inspiration. With much love – Lisa”

The interesting thing about these courses is that you will also be certified to practice the techniques on others at the end of NLP Practioner courses.